The article I picked was Pacific Leatherback Turtle Could Go Extinct in 10 Years. The article said that the Pacific Leatherback turtle, which weighs close to a ton could be extinct within a decade in the Pacific Ocean. The most interesting fact is that these turtles have been around since when dinosaurs were around, more than 100 million years ago. Scientists who have been studying them have found that the number of these turtles has dropped dramatically, by 97 percent. The most disappointing fact is that back in 1982 there were approximately 115,000 reproducing females and when this article was written in 2004, it said there were fewer than 3,000. There are many reasons why the turtle population is declining and not surprisingly, all have to do with humans. Some cultures poach the turtle eggs because they are known to be a delicacy. Another problem is destructive fishing practices. There is a practice called long-lining where fishing ships put out up to 90 miles of fishing line with as many as 8,000 hooks. As you can imagine, fish are not the only thing being caught. In order to save this beautiful creature, two of the things that scientists say has to happen is that there needs to be stronger protection of the turtle eggs and nesting beaches and the fishing industry needs to have safer techniques put into place.

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